Mining Profit
Average reward for miners (24 hours)
Accumulated reward for miners
Remaining Stake from Business Client
Remaining Stake from Miner
Expected APY
Ultrain Mainnet
No. of Mainchain:1 / No.of Sidechains:7
Consensus Rules
Ultrain Consensus Rules:
Initial round of consensus: Randomly selects the proposer and voter nodes within the network, where voter nodes decide on which two pre-assigned proposers to generate block during initial round of consensus. Then confirm one of them.
Second round of consensus: Repeat the process of randomly select voter nodes, where voter nodes will decide which single node to generate block. Subsequently, voter will verify the accuracy of such data and broadcast to the network.
Current Client
The Pioneer
Unitopia's Chain
UC express
The Pioneer
Main Chain
Create Accounts
UGAS Exchange
Miners Scheduling
Mining Reward
Purchase Resource
Source of income for miners on the main chain are from UGAS being consumed whenever the above function is being executed. The benefit of each miner is allocated based on continues online hours committed within 24hours. Thus, the mining benefit from main net is directly related to the actives of the entire network. At first, the benefit is low and increases based on network transaction activity. More
Side Chain
Operate DApps
Token Exchange
Consume Resources
Side chain miner is devoted to support the continuous operation of DAPP, and will scheduled to various chain by administrator software from main chain. A single note will be randomly selected to propose every 10 seconds, and the node will receive 1 UGAS as a reward. The source of income for miners is extracted from the UGAS stacked by the paying enterprise clients.
Expected APY = Overall Return/Initial Investment = (Block generated annually *Rewards per block*UGAS price)/ (Cost per mining rig*Number of rigs) More
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