Mapping Starting and Ending Period:
August 7th 2019-August 30th 2019
Executive Summary:All UGAS holders MUST register their UGAS wallet account on ULTRAIN Mainnet before august 30th 2019. Ultrain team will automatically transfer the native UGAS to the registered account later. If your UGAS is in the exchanges: UGAS has 5 official partnered native UGAS compatible exchanges. They are: Huobi Global, Huobi Korea, Binance Dex, MXC, and UGAS within the above exchanges will be converted automatically during the mapping process. When the native UGAS could be deposit/withdraw in the above exchanges will be announced accordingly. Important: UGAS on all other exchanges has to be withdrawn and deposited to the partnered exchanges or Ultrain mainnet wallet to avoid any losses.
Special Attention to the Following:
Ultrain Mapping refers to the process of issuing UGAS’s own native token UGAS, to replace the existing ERC-20 and BEP2 version of UGAS. In order to do so, all UGAS token holders needs to relate their ETH account with their Ultrain account, and the system will allocate UGAS to Ultrain account in accordance. Please pay attention to following and select a method of mapping execution.
1. Attention if your UGAS is within an exchange
  • Token withdraw and transaction: During user execution period, you may withdraw and deposit UGAS token to exchanges as usual;after that period, you may not withdraw and deposit UGAS on exchanges but may trade UGAS on exchanges as usual; details regarding to withdraw/deposit token will be based on specific announcement by each exchange.
  • Non-officially recognized exchange: If you have UGAS stored in exchanges not recognized by the Ultrain Official, you need to transfer those UGAS out as soon as possible before the official execution period.
2. Attention if your UGAS is within an wallet
  • Transaction Fee: Since miners fee are required for the process of mapping signature, please make sure there is sufficient UGAS in the receiving address for Mapping. UGAS token transfer value is accurate up to 0.0001UGAS, and UGAS not within the accuracy range will not be transferred.
  • Mapping Look up: After completing the mapping operation, please be sure to confirm your Ultrain account by clicking "Look Up Mapping Results" at the bottom of this page.
  • Account Look up: Since UGAS is mapping executed in a certain chronological order, please pay attention to the balance information of your Ultrain account. After mapping, you may start transfer UGAS within the account at your discretion.
3. Multiple ETH addresses: can be linked under the same Ultrain account, but every ETH address can only be linked to a single Ultrain account. If an ETH address is linked to multiple Ultrain accounts, then the latest correlating Ultrain account will be used as the default.
4. UGAS token transfer value: is accurate up to 0.0001UGAS, and UGAS not within the accuracy range will not be transferred. 
5. Attention to UGAS miners:
  • During user execution period,the rewards will be deposited to the usual ETH address corresponding to each miner.
  • During UGAS mapping process, the rewards will be temporarily suspended.
  • After mapping is completed, the rewards which is not be deposited in official execution will be deposited directly to Ultrain account that you provided, and the subsequent rewards will be also deposited to your Ultrain account.
6. For the UGAS still withhold in the lock-up contract, Ultrain officials will contact the holders to operate the mapping process.
7. For any personal related reasons, resulting in the delay of mapping execution and it was not completed in time, please contact our customer support (Telegram: Stevenzzzzs), and please be patient with the response due to the possibility of large queries.
Mapping Options
We recommend 3 different options for the UGAS mapping process. Please choose one of the options below:
Mapping Option 1: Exchange Mapping
Transfer your UGAS to existing exchanges recognized officially by Ultrain (Huobi GlobalHuobi KoreaBINANCE DEXMXCQB.COM). Once the mapping is completed, exchanges will automatically complete the mapping process for you. UGAS will not be traded on non-cooperative exchanges temporarily, please only transfer your UGAS to the 5 exchanges mentioned above.
Mapping Option 2: ULTRAIN UGAS Official Wallet Mapping
Step 1: Create an Ultrain Account
Download UltrainOne APP,and Create Ultrain Wallet Account. Download
Step 2: Link your ETH address with Ultrain Wallet account (We would recommend operating this on the computer side)
(1) Open the link at , and input UGAS contract address on the「Contract Address」section.
0x8716Fc5Da009D3A208f0178b637a50F4ef42400F Copy
(2) Please input the following ABI information on「ABI / JSON Interface」section through copy and past,and select「Access」; Copy ABI
(3) Go to the「select function」and chose your「register」method.
(4) Pleaser input corresponding mapping account from Ultrain wallet on「key」section.
(5) Select various signature options, follow the instruction to use ETH based private key signature,which can be linked with Ultrain accounts.
(6) Click on 「WRITE」, confirm the information, click on 「Generate Transaction」 to execute transaction . and click on 「yes」 to confirm sending transaction, and finish the transaction signature. So far, the user execution is completed, please wait for the Ultrain official to execute.
Mapping Option 3: Tokenview Wallet Mapping
Step 1: Download Tokenview App, enter the mapping page of Tokenview.Download
Step 2: Create/Input an Ultrain wallet account
Step 3: Enter mapping address and complete the process